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About Us.

Vida Loeb is an established full service digital media agency. We specialise in delivering cost effective digital services to develop and promote your brands.

What We Do

We provide a broad spectrum of top quality services to best present your business. We’ve got it covered from creative design, branding, print management, web and technology solutions to marketing, video and photography.

Who We Are

Vida Loeb is an established agency specialising in digital media, providing creative and technical services to businesses of any size. We are based in Auckland, New Zealand but have clients throughout the country and internationally.

What We Offer

In a nutshell, our goal is to optimise your processes, create the best way to communicate your message and put your product or service in front of the right people as much or as little as your budget allows.


Make sense of and learn about the product or service and intended consumer’s experience.

The first phase of a project is to understand what the client’s intended outcome is whether it be increased awareness, sales and or productivity. Every job is different and the best path depends on variables that we identify in collaboration with the client team.

Through analysis and effective communication we will determine the best blend of creative, technical, procurement, production and execution to best fit your budget and business needs.


Translate the ideas into concepts after distilling the information that has been discovered.

Based on the info that we gather in the discovery phase of a project we design the creative, processes and/or systems to best deliver the ideal result to enhance, create, present, promote or improve your product, service or business.

Our designs can include Strategy, Advertising, Branding, Copywriting, Custom Printing, Digital Asset Management, Film & Video, Audio/Video Enhancement, Graphic Design, Photo Editing/Retouching, Photography, Product Design, SEO (search engine optimisation), Social Media, Email Newsletter Lists, Technology, Web Design & Development.


Develop and test the design or system to best represent the product/service for the targeted market.

Bringing new experiences to market quickly and efficiently requires a specialised team with solid and efficient processes.

When we execute a design or system, we include all aspects and stakeholders to deliver the design to meet the approved client brief at the highest standard. We view every aspect of the digital experiences that we design as important which shows in our design fidelity. Our commitment helps companies get the right design, product or solution to market efficiently, while maintaining quality.


Manage the delivery of the design/system and assess the performance, continuing to refine to better achieve the desired results.

Our industry experience and expert delivery systems allow us to manage the entire deployment, helping businesses fill any technology gaps between their existing capabilities and what they need to implement and sustain a new design.

Great design is all about getting the right message to the right people in the right way and that means deployment needs to consider the future needs of the customer, so reviewing the design and it’s performance is essential.


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