Mane Allen Lawyer Branding - Vida Loeb
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Mane Allen Lawyer Branding

Legal Firm Branding Design
  • Mane Allen Lawyer
Branding, Custom Printing, Graphic Design
About This Project

Mane Allen is a lawyer who has recently opened her own firm based in Manukau, Auckland and commissioned Vida Loeb to design a new logo and branding.

Mane Allen and Vida Loeb worked together to design their logo, branding and stationary which was executed promptly and to budget.

Vida Loeb designed and delivered a logo and branding with the following attributes:
• an icon that made of four pillars that represent the law
• each pillar made of an ‘M’ that represents the name Mane
• the four pillars combined to create a woven mat visually representing Maori and Pasifika peoples
• a strong typeface that can be used effectively in all branding
• a colour palette that is corporate but also lends to the Maori and Pasifika theme

Prepared versions of logos in different formats for use in websites, e-mail signatures, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, social media, clothing, signage, high quality printing and vehicle graphics.

Designed and co-ordinated printing and delivery of business cards.